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During ride on the race track, in order to maintain maximum security, some basic rules of safe riding on the race track must be followed. Here are the ten basic rules that will guarantee your safe return home from the race track:

1. When entering the race track, you must not endanger the other riders. Enter the race track so that you do not cross the tracks of riders who are already on the race track, usually going much faster than you. Their options to avoid you are limited. Simple rule applies – keep to the right.

2. Start slow. Take one or two rounds in the beginning to warm up your motorbike wheels and do not try to break your personal record from the very beginning. Without warmed-up wheels, your rapid ride will have a rapid end.

3. Watch what is happening on the track in front of you and forget the rear-view mirrors (the best thing to do is to disassemble them). You are not interested in what is going on behind you, the ones behind you watch that. Try to go so that you are easy to read for those behind you. That means...

4. Keep the chosen track (even though it is not ideal) and do not change your direction immediately and unexpectedly. You can endanger faster riders behind you who are trying to guess your track and are not ready to react to sudden changes of your direction.

5. On the straights, try to keep the speed and do not endanger riders behind you by slowing down unexpectedly.

6. So, both in turns and on straights, you ride fluently and in a forseeable way. A slow rider who goes fluently is less dangerous for others than an erratic shooter who changes his style often.

7. If you experience an accident or technical failure, do not stay on the race track or in the exit zone, but leave the race track or the exit zone as quickly as possible and move with your bike behind the barriers. The race track service will remove the bike that is not operational!!!

8. Stopping on the race track is strictly forbidden, since it endangers the other riders. Stopping is forbidden also in case you see a hurt rider or want to help to remove a bike that had an accident. These activities are provided by the medical service and the autodrome service and are coordinated from the control center that monitors the race track through cameras.

9. Devote maximum attention to the flag signalization of the track commissioners and remember the meaning of the basic flags. Follow the instructions and orders of the track commissioners. Flag signalization is the only communication between the track commissioners and riders, so monitor the commissioner posts along the race track.

10. Ride only on the race track. Other roads in the complex have their rules for the movement of persons, and the road traffic regulations apply here. The maximum speed is 20 km/h. You can only move around in the public zones of the complex and unless expressly allowed, access to the premises behind the boxes is forbidden.

Always read the statement that you sign carefully and follow it.


The task of the track commissioners during the public rides is flag signalization and communication with the control center concerning about what is happening in the given segment of the race track (weather, accidents, the state of the track, etc.).

The tasks of the track commissioners do not include rescuing bikes from the gravel or repairing them. The reason for this is that compared to the races, during the public race, the number of track commissioners at individual posts is limited.

If an accident or injury occurs, ambulance and a doctor will arrive to the spot. The instruction to send an ambulance is issued by the control center after consultation with the track commissioner. The medical staff will arrive within minutes. All track commissioners are professionally trained to provide first aid before the arrival of the medical staff. Therefore, you do not have to stop and provide first aid to a rider who had an accident and is probably hurt. Do not stop even if you are a doctor.


Entry and exit from the race track is only possible at one place, at the start and finish straight in the area of the winner podium. Other exits from the track along the way are only emergency exits. Under no circumstances, they are to be used as entry to the race track. If you want to leave the race track, you must get to the start and finish area using the service road along the track.


Move slowly on the service road and only in the direction of the race track. Monitor what is going on around you, because the service road is also used by the breakdown vehicles and ambulances. Do not try to get to the service road without the permission of the Autodrome. You may get nice pictures, but you will also seriously hinder the movement of vehicles and ambulances.