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Tire servicing company as well as the complete assortment of racing tires and consulting services will be available during all events in Brno and Most. Price of tire changing is 10 €.


Experienced instructors can be ordered for complete beginners as well as those who want to further improve their motorcycling skills. Instructors will be there for you individually during your circuit training. 


All events will be attended by a photographer. You may download your photographs from riding or paddock for free from our website after the event. These photographs will be available in the online resolution and are intended for personal needs of riders only, not for further commercial use.
If you are interested in professional photographs with a high resolution suitable for print, you can order a personal photographer in advance who will take the photographs only for you as you wish.


Our events will also include stands of our partners:

  • BMW – testing motorcycles
  • RST – supplier of racing gear
  • Shoei ČR – sale and servicing of helmets
  • RP Tuning - motosport exhaust tuning


Coffee, morning donuts, non-alcoholic beverages, Birell non-alcoholic beer and traditional delicious sausages are available during the whole event free of charge. 


Races are included in the price you pay for riding. You must qualify for the ride based on your time achieved in the morning trainings and then register for the race during lunch break. And then you can try what it feels like to stand at the starting grid.
The Bikers Cup announces the following categories: 

  • supersport
  • superbike

​More on the programme and categories can be found in the Bikers Cup tab.


Lap timing is available upon every event by means of transponders. A transponder will be lent you for a fee of 10 € and your ID. It measures every lap you completed. Lap times are displayed at the administration point after every round with a certain time interval. You can also read them on your telephone or computer through the WI-FI connection entitled RaceMonitor. Or you can enter in your browser. Lap times will also be available online on our website, so anyone wishing to support you from the comfort of their home may already do so.  
Lap times can also be found on and downloaded from our website in the "Timekeeping" section.   
A transponder is obligatory and non-transferable for every participant. Based on these data, racers are reordered in groups and qualifications and races are evaluated.